This is an exclusive private boat trip for a single nationality, friends or family who wish to do more, from the on-board activity to the shore activity and beach BBQ. For this trip, we offer a non-cabin boat or a cabin boat, depending on your level of expectation. You can arrange your own itinerary, activity, schedule, and duration. Visit the main highlights of every destinations you visit.

The Komodo Giant Lizards

The Mosasaurus komodoensis (1989) – instead of Varanus komodoensis was first found by Mr. P.A. Ouwens in 1912 for the sake of western knowledge.  The biggest lizards of the earth live only on Komodo and some neighbor islands. Komodo grow up to 3 m long and 135 kg weight, some reach a very high age (20-25 years). They nourish themselves mainly with carrion, but also wild deer, boars, goats and horses. The dangerous weapon is the long tail, and the teeth. In April/May, the 45-cm young komodo hatched by the underground heat, and then climb the trees up for their first life.

The Highlights:

  • Trip on a private boat  
  • Better meal services on board 
  • Navigation the local wooden boat
  • Snorkeling and swimming
  • Endemic shore fishes
  • Soft trekking
  • Komodo dragons in Komodo Island and in Rinca Island
  • See the hundreds of the deserted coral islands
  • Scenic view of Mount Tambora and Sangeang volcanic island
  • Beach parties
  • Own itinerary and schedule
  • Night navigation  

This exciting adventurous boat trip provides a great chance to explore the marine flora and fauna of East Indonesia. Cruise to the deserted Gili Islands off the Indonesian eastern coast, Moyo Marine and Nature Preserve, and to the world heritage site of Komodo and Rinca Islands, a right choice for those who adore to learning  the marine biology and the  Komodo Giant Lizards, nevertheless  you are  students, naturalists,  adventurers, or just holiday makers.

YOUR  BASIC ITINERARY (4D) – the boat starts from Labuan Lombok in the eastern coast

Day 1: Hotel – Labuan Lombok - Gili Kondo - Moyo Island

At 07:30 pick-up from your hotel in Senggigi for the 2-hour drive to the embarkation at Labuan Lombok. After the custom clearance, short briefing and final preparation, boarding and then start cruising to Gili Kondo, an l island off Lombok's eastern coast ideal for swimming and snorkeling. where you will have opportunity to snorkeling and swimming till the afternoon. Continued to Moyo Island on a night navigation. Overnight on board off  Labuan Aji bay. Lunch and dinner on board.

Day 2: Moyo Island – Satonda Island – Gili Laba Island

At 07:30, experience an exciting soft trek to visit the magnificent Mata Jitu waterfall in the lush tropical forest where you can bathe and take shower, then return to Labuan Aji for snorkeling in the great Sagale Atoll  marine gardens. Moyo Island is a nature and marine preserve off Sumbawa Island, a place where the Late Diana ever spent some days is her life to stay in. This Island is surrounded by beautiful coral reefs, and home to wild pig, monitor lizards, various species of bats, and huge herds of native deer and hordes of crab-eating macaques. After enjoying your BBQ-lunch at Labuan Aji, depart for Satonda,  an island with a salt-water lake formed by the ancient volcanic eruption and the tsunami of the giant volcanic eruption of Mount Tambora in 1815. After snorkeling off Satonda Island. Depart for Gili Laba Island on a 12-hour night navigation. Breakfast, lunch, dinner on board.

Sagele atoll off  Moyo Island is one of the best snorkeling and diving sites 

Day 3: Gili Laba – Manta Point - Pink Sand Beach – Padar Island - Kalong Island  

Today is the time to enjoy the marine garden of Komodo National Park. Morning soft trek to the summit of Gili Laba where you can view the superb scenery of Komodo Island and the surrounding islands.  Then leave Gili Laba Island for Manta Point were you can have a great chance to swim and snorkeling with Manta Ray. Continued to Pink Beach Komodo Island, one of the best marine parks in Indonesia ideal for snorkeling, swimming, and relaxing on the white sand beach. Visit Padar Island for one of the best points of view of Komodo National Park. Overnight on board off Kalong Island where you can see the thousands of giant bats flying out of the mangrove trees in the afternoon. Breakfast, lunch and dinner on board.

Day 4: Komodo Island - Rinca Island – Labuhan Bajo

While having breakfast on board, leave Kalong Island for Komodo Island to start your guided soft trek along the natural trails to see the giant lizard of Komodo. Then depart for Rinca, another island in Komodo National Park where you will enjoy anoother exciting on a guided soft trekking through the savannas and the steppes with the possibility to encounter the more active Komodo dragons, various palm trees, wild horses, buffalos, and monkey and interesting fauna. Return to the boat and then depart for Labuhan Bajo West Flores. Afternoon arrival in Labuan Bajo. Breakfast and lunch on board.

The End of the Program

PRICE: kindly contact us

The price will depend on the number of the participants and the services.   

Departure:  Any time on your own schedule

The price will include:

  • Meals on board  
  • Embarkation fee, donations and entrance fee
  • Use of snorkeling equipment – for best service please bring your own snorkeling equipment
  • Guide on board speaking English or other languages (upon request)

Pink sand beach view in Komodo National Park

Meal on board (private small group)

The scenic view of Padar Island in Komodo National Park

Marine view

Snorkeling activity


  • Crew: 5 persons
  • Boat: 3,5 m x 21 m
  • Maximum 25 passengers
  • The boat provide safety equipment (life vests, etc)

Kindly contact us for further information.