Special Interest in Komodo. Besides the main spectacle of Komodo dragon, the National Park offers other challenging and breathtaking programs for those whose special interests such as hiking, diving, observation, snorkeling, and research.

Manta Watching  

Once you watch the manta, the National Park has given us the following guidelines:

  • Divers should stay on or near the bottom and snorkelers on the surface. An open water column is necessary to give the mantas room to maneuver.
  • Avoid exhaling bubbles directly into the face of an approaching ray.
  • Do not ride, chase, touch, grab or harass the mantas!
  • Divers, photographers and videographers need to be considerate of the reef while watching mantas. Be careful not to kick or stand on coral or other living organisms.
  • Stay in group and the manta rays should provide plenty of good viewing opportunities.
The mantas are generally found in three different areas in the Park. A: Northeastern corner of Komodo Island “Karang Makassar” at rising tide; B: South Komodo Island “German Flag”; C: At Small Padar.

Manta Point snorkeling

Whale and Dolphin Watching  

The sensitive bottleneck passages of the Komodo National Park in Molo Strait between Rinca and Gili Mota, in Loh Dasami that separates Rinca and Nusa Kode, and in Linta Strait between Komodo and Rinca, provide an migration path for the whale from the Pacific Ocean to the Indian Ocean and vice versa.

The Park provides guidelines for whale watching which is adopted from the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society. The following rules should be followed in order to be able to observe natural behaviors, and not to cause harm to the animals:

  • Minimize boat speed so no wave is created, and avoid sudden changes in speed, direction and noise.
  • Do not approach closer than 50 m from the animals.
  • Minimize noise from all sources.
  • Never pursue, encircle or separate whales.
  • Do not approach the animal directly from the front or back and avoid approaching on a collision-course.
  • Do not overcrowd the whales by joining another vessel that is already watching the animals.
  • Allow whales to control the nature and duration of the “encounter”.
  • Allow additional distance for mother and calf pairs.
  • Do not interfere with feeding or breeding behaviors by taking a closer look at the animals as any disturbance may cause them to cease activities to their detriment.
  • If dolphins choose to bow-ride, maintain original course and speed. Do not solicit dolphins to bow-ride by driving through their group.

Waecicu beach Labuan Bajo Flores

Your Itinerary: Subject to Change

Day 01: Labuan Bajo – Rinca Island – Padar Island - Kalong Island

Pick-up service from your hotel in Labuan Bajo for transfer to pier to start your boat trip heading to Rinca Island. Start a guided soft trekking (2-3 hours) with a possibility to encounter the Komodo dragons, the deer, monkeys, horses and water buffalo, and to see the tropical flora. Return to boat, and then depart for Padar, another island in the Park with scenic beach views and marine gardens ideal for soft trekking and snorkeling. Overnight on board off Kalong Island where you can see the thousands of the giant bats flying out of the mangroves forest. Lunch and dinner on board. 

Padar Island

Day 02: Komodo Island – Pink Beach – Manta Point – Gili Laba Darat Island

Leave for Komodo Island to experience another guided soft trekking through the tropical forest and the steppes to see the Komodo dragons, and the tropical flora and fauna. Depart for Pink Beach where you can snorkeling in one of the best Indonesia marine gardens, then spend your day at Manta Point where you may be lucky to snorkeling accompanied by the Manta rays. Continued to Gili Laba Darat for on-board overnight. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner on board. 

Day 03: Gili Laba Darat Island – Sebayur Island – Labuan Bajo

After breakfast, start your morning exercise to to reach the summit of Gili Laba where you can enjoy the expansive views of Komodo National Park Islands. Depart for Sebayur Island for your last snorkeling activity in Komodo National Park. Upon arrival at Labuan Bajo, transfert to your hotel. Breakfast and lunch on board.  

End of the Service

PRICE: kindly contact us   

The tour will include:

  • Non cabin boat or cabin boat
  • English-speaking guide (other guides upon request)
  • Meal as per itinerary
  • Ranger fee
  • Entrance fee to Komodo National Park
  • All transfer 
  • Snorkeling equipment

The tour excludes:

  • Gratuity to the crew
  • Personal expenditure 

Please kindly contact us for further information.